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Frequently Asked Questions

How will our services benefit those who hire us? 

We provide whole event coverage, rather than athlete-specific coverage. This means we can respond to any medical situation that may occur amongst spectators, officials, or anyone in attendance. Our services provide Coaches, Parents and School Administrators the peace of mind of knowing there is an accessible medical professional on site who is not also pulling double duty as a coach. 

How will Sideline Solutions benefit athletes specifically? 

Our services allow students to compete to the fullest extent of their capacity with confidence, knowing there is a presence of trained medical professionals in case of injury. Player safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we take our role as patient advocates very seriously. 

What resources can Sideline Solutions provide for athletes and coaches? 

When responding to non life-threatening situations, we are trained and charged with being a patient advocate and helping to educate on both best practices as well as what resources are available to them. One of our goals is that Sideline Solutions can bring those same skills to athletes, parents and other customers. We are able to provide options and education to athletes, parents, coaches and staff. We aim to educate and advocate with more resources than only calling for an ambulance. 

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