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Our Services

Event / Game Coverage

We utilize EMS professionals to provide holistic event coverage. Our primary focus is the health and safety of the student-athlete. But, just as important to us are the coaches, officials and spectators. Our staff provides a medical resource for the entire event, not just the field of play.


First Aid Plus

We go beyond traditional first aid training of a common-sense approach to common injuries. Our training covers these basics and goes more in-depth with industry-specific injury and preparedness.

Athletic Departments - More in-depth training including hands-on training, concussion awareness and identification, weather injury, sports traumatic injuries, and medical emergencies for athletics.

Educators/Administrators - We will cover common injuries and illnesses focused on the classroom and school environment. But, we will also provide more in-depth hands-on training focusing on the "what now" question. Our "what now" approach focuses on the gap between activation of Emergency Action Procedures that all schools have (fire, severe weather, active shooter, etc) and the arrival of medical first responders. Our course trains and prepares for the aftermath of these situations while educators and administrators wait with injured students and staff until EMS arrives.



Heartsaver First Aid CPR / AED training assists individuals in being prepared to respond to medical emergencies in any setting. Participants will receive a completion card, which can be utilized for two years upon completion of the course.

Let's Work Together

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